Why should you join the Kent Island Sailing Team?
• You will Learn basic boat handling skills and on the water safety skills
• Learn racing techniques
• Be one of the true “Buccaneers” in the school!
• Earn a Varsity Letter for sailing!
Be a part of a larger sailing community
• The team is part of the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA)
• Governs HS sailing for the entire US
• www.hssailing.org
• The Mid Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Association (MASSA) is the local division
• http://massa.hssailing.org/
• Compete with other schools on a local and national level
• Register with the International Sailing Federation
• http://www.sailing.org/isaf
• Each sailor will have a unique international identification number and classification
What do I need to do to join?
• Just sign up!
• You don’t even need to know how to sail!
• You may need some personal equipment
• Personal flotation
• Sailing gloves
• Closed toed shoes (running shoes are fine)
• Possibly cold weather gear like a wet suit or other clothing for cold weather
• Bring a positive attitude
• Be ready to get wet
• Be able to demonstrate ability to swim
Where do we sail?
• We have developed a partnership with the Kent Island Yacht Club (KIYC) so that we can use their facility for storage and launching of the boats
• KIYC will be used for training after school and for regattas during the season.
• Other venues are used for competition or for sailing events or scrimmages
• Some venues include Annapolis, Southern Maryland, and The Gunston School
• When sailing at away regattas we will be using boats provided by the host team
When do we sail?
• There are two seasons, spring and fall
• We practice three times a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 to 5:30 weather permitting at the KIYC
• Many of the regattas will occur on the weekends. The regatta schedule will be determined at the beginning of the season.
What do we sail?
• Most HS teams use the Club 420 or similar sailboat. 14 feet, main and jib with optional spinnaker. This is the preferred boat for junior sailing, Easy to handle and alot of fun.
• The KIHS team has 12 Club 420 boats available for training.
• All the boats are currently owned by members of the sailing team or donated to the team.